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Busy times...

Big school Mass tomorrow and I'm in charge. Yay me... this one is just for us, no combining with the boys down the hill. So it will be a lot more relaxed, for a start. I have invited a really special old friend to come and say the Mass. And at quarter to three this afternoon I realised we had no hosts (bread for Mass). I have slipped over to my church to 'borrow' some, as the host-selling place said they were closing when I rang at ten to four.
"We're just closing."
"I can get there in five minutes."
"No, really, we're closing."
"But I could be there really soon. I'm just over the hill from you."
"No, I can see everyone going out the door right now."

SO I've been busy with planning that. A WoF for the car. Christy's senior prizegiving last night. German, clarinet and violin this evening. It never stops.

I have been teaching my Year 13s about hospitality and the Good Samaritan. We watched Hotel Rwanda. That was quite horrifying. And today we finished off by spending our last lesson of the year down at the local primary school, binning monitors, collecting library books and sweeping the playground. The girls were pleased in the end, to have done a good deed.

I can't believe my seniors have nearly all finished. They've been my daily bread all these last three terms and now they will be dispersing. Some will leave, some will score other teachers, and those particular classes will not exist next year. Kind of sad in some ways. But a new year will mean a new start. I'm looking forward to that, with my OWN classes, not someone else's.



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