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Ka kite ano... see you round...

Oddly, today was a day of triumphs and endings. The last lesson with my dear Year 12 class - we shared food and chatted about all manner of things, and before the end of the lesson we went around the circle and the girls had to try and express their hopes for next year, their goals. Quite a few are leaving early, one to a cooking course, one to a nanny course, one to some other course, a fourth following the surf in the hope of representing NZ. The rest of us (there were only thirteen in this class) will continue the journey next year at St Caths.

Then I had the final hour with the Year 13s, exam hints and a liturgy I wrote, with a part devised by the Spirit Captain. I let the girls run it, after settling everyone, and they did a great job. I'm glad I took my tissue box down there to the Tech Room, because there were a lot of sniffles as the girls spent their last moments together at school for the last time (apart from exams and prizegiving). I had my last Year 11 class, and my last Ethics class for the year. Things can only get easier after tomorrow. No more assessments. I can write in the evenings instead of endless marking and planning. I'm so fortunate to work in a job that has such cycles, such a chance for endings and new beginnings.

Tomorrow, a liturgy for the Year 12s, junior report comments (which I have to write tonight), I have a meeting to get to in the afternoon, hopefully, Asher (who was sick today) has exams at his college for next year in the afternoon and an interview at half past four, and then we might just relax. Yeah, right. No, really, I intend to do some serious relaxing over the weekend. Somehow.


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Nov. 16th, 2007 06:46 am (UTC)
It seems strange to read about endings at the moment with our school year stretching ahead of us... a hard time for David as he sees all his friends back in NZ leave school for good and he knows that he has another 6 months and a lot of work to do before he can do the same!
Nov. 17th, 2007 06:32 am (UTC)
Poor David. It would seem so unfair, to be still at school at this time of the year. All our seniors have left now, and just return for exams, and for our girls, prizegiving. We're so small, we only have the one ceremony for the year.

I know David will do well though, so it will be worth it for him, I'm sure.
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